The Rose Gold Patek Philippe World Time replica watch have become some of the most sought-after watches ever made. In 2002 one set the all-time world record for a wristwatch at auction; a unique 1939 platinum Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 1415 sold for $ 4,026,524…He worked for the largest of the Geneva watch-making firms; Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Role and Agassiz, but it was Patek that gave him the greatest amount of work.

The distinctive ring-shaped hour hand from the early 1930s models is recreated on the 5130R/RG. This detail makes the contemporary model feel more directly linked to the original. The case size has increased slightly in line with modern fashion – not that Patek Philippe ever does fashion, you just get a little more classic styling for your money.

The World-Time complication copy watch was not invented by Patek Philippe but by an independent watch maker by the name of Louis Cottier. In 1931 he created the first World-Time pocket watch with a wrist watch model following shortly afterwards.

While not in the $4 million league, this Patek Philippe 5130R/RG replica watch is keenly sought after and with its rose gold case this is the perfect balance of trendy and traditional.

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