Some brands tend to call changing the colour of a dial or putting a different strap on a replica Louis Moinet Tourbillon moon watch a custom job. And while it may be called a customisation it’s nowhere near being creative or personalised. Now we’re taking a look at the brand that probably does the best job today when it comes to creating pieces tailor-made and really special to the wearer – that is Louis Moinet. When we first discovered the brand and saw all the amazing pieces at Baselworld 2 years ago we definitely wanted to get to know it more and see what the team is capable of.

Throughout the last 2 years we’ve shown you many examples of best fake Louis Moinet’s coolest custom pieces, be it for a certain market, a piece unique commissioned by a customer, or just an exceptional replica watch that they made because they thought it would be a good idea: The Qatar Tourbillon with a meteorite dial and daggers, the Russian Eagle Tourbillon with amazing hand engraving on the dial, or the crazy Gaz Derrick Tourbillon that we’ve included in our Baselworld’s best tourbillons editorial. This time we’ll show you some more of this year’s piece uniques and very limited editions, as well as a replica watch that really makes our whole team tick… But we’ll kick it off with just the right amount of sapphire in a tourbillon.










When receiving the replica watch it came in a huge box that looks like an old book, sealed with a locker, and all sorts of documentation proving the authenticity of the stone and timepiece. The whole experience felt so personal and unique that I don’t even want to take the replica watch off the wrist for over a week now! Thank you for taking your time to read the post, and hope you loved the piece as much as we did! Now have a great rest of the weekend and visit Louis Moinet website for more info!



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