I always felt that elegant fake Patek Philippe watches and Vacheron Constantin fake watches are kind of close competitors for the same very high-end simple, classy and classic looks. Of course that they’re always getting the looks and spicing-up all this simpleness with some amazing and outrageous special edition and small collections that just blow your mind.Simple white dial with a simple date window at 3 o’clock but with the right finishing touch. As simple as this dial is it has a kick to it with those imitation stone markers that make it unique. Simple, classy and elegant stainless steal hands that you will not be able to see in the dark. I know we got so used to having glow in the dark hands and markers on our watches that we completely forgot how these babies used to look like 60 years ago when elegance and style was on top of practicality and the mission of how to get all the features into everything so a watch can serve all purposes.


Like the see-through back case exposing the Japanese automatic too because the rotor has some nicePatek Philippe engravings and the whole back is really cool. Seconds hand has a good nice sweep so overall this is a simple and fun ladies’ Patek Philippe replica watch. It follows the Patek design lines and it’s such a simple and generic model that very few people will question whether it’s an original or not or at least that’s how I see it. Check out some more pics and give me your thoughts on this piece.

Looking at the customers they’re trying to reach I’d say both brands have very similar profile in their target and some models are really tight rivals. The replica Patek Calatrava watch is pretty much the rival of the fake Vacheron Patrimony Traditionnelle in my opinion. The tough competition between the simplest but still so expensive high-end luxury watches out there.

There are still fake Patek watches like this one out there that keep the vintage classy look alive even though I’m not sure how many of you are considering to shoot for a replica Calatrana model like this one. I just thought I’d spice up my fake watches photo reviews with this model and see how much interest it sparks since I got the opportunity to shoot a few photos and a video of it. Overall this watch is pretty smooth Swiss made Patek Philippe copy watch with a fully polished good size and weight case. Leather strap is good quality as well and it’s leather on both sides so it will keep a good shape in time and have a good lifespan too.

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