During this period, Patek Philippe produced a few Patek Philippe unique enamel replica timepieces for its most exclusive clientele.

Geb dons traditional garb, which is rendered in lush green enamel, evoking vegetation. Images of oxen, farmers and plants surround the deity, reinforcing his power and virtues. Displaying ‘Tutmania’ in all its glory, this watch features a beautiful polychrome enamel portrait of Egyptian deity Geb. As the god of earth and fecundity, Geb is typically accompanied with a goose, seen on his crown. Two geese furthermore flank his head.

Yellow gold Patek Philippe Ancient Egypt replica watches

Yellow gold Patek Philippe Ancient Egypt replica watches

The horological world was not immune to ‘Tutmania’. During the 1920s, high-end fake Patek Philippe Ancient Egypt replica watchmakers produced Egyptian inspired masterpieces, featuring precious materials and exquisite designs.  Ancient Egypt immediately captured the hearts and minds of western society, following the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb on 4 November 1922. The media breathlessly chronicled Howard Carter’s expedition, churning out fantastical stories about the archeological triumph. Egyptian culture influenced every aspect of society, from film, to literature, food and fashion. So smitten was the West that sociologists dub this era “Tutmania”.

The dial is equally stunning, as the enamel Arabic numerals exhibit bold and beautifully translucent tones. The white enamel is furthermore preserved in excellent condition without any imperfections. The polychrome enamel painting is rendered beautifully, capturing every small detail, down to the flick of the oxen’s ear. The enamel has been preserved in exceptional condition, considering its age, and the blue surround is painted with painstaking care. It is free of hairlines and cracks.

Only Patek Philippe had the ability to create works of art at this level, highlighting the rarity and importance of the present watch. Manufactured in 1900, this fresh-to- the-market-unique Patek Philippe pocket watch replica was coincidentally sold the very year of King Tut’s discovery, and truly captures the zeitgeist of the 1920s.

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