The elegant replica Patek Philippe Gondolo Cabriolet Butterflies watches feature 18K pink and white gold 28 x 28 x 8 mm square polished cases. They also each have their own case and official certificates that prove the watches are original and real. Two push buttons (at 5:00 & 7:00) feature a beautiful butterfly design, made of sapphires and diamonds. The handmade collection comes with the official Seal of Geneva stamped onto each one.The collection is called Gondolo Cabriolet – Butterflies, last sold around February 2008 to their previous owner.

It appears that it could be the major highlight of the auction that will be selling classic, vintage watches besides this unique collection.Normally Patek Philippe’s watches range in the few-thousands. We have no word on how many were ever created, thus making the collection hard to track down. This auction ended up at $200,000 for the lot- This limited edition collection hasn’t been sold since 2008, and appears to be very limited in numbers. It appears that this has been the only lot of square fake Patek Philippe Gondolo Cabriolet watches from this collection.

A rare set of best copy Patek Philippe jeweled watches were put up on the auction block earlier this month. Called Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces, it was held at the Hotel Richemond Geneva on the 15th of March. The auction included several others like Rolex, among other fine brands.

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