Reviewing The Perfect and Luxury Hamilton Van Horn Replica Watch

Hamilton van horn

Lot 68 estimate £200-£300 in an auction of Vintage & Modern Wrist Replica Watches on 7th April 2014

The Hamilton Van Horn replica watch was the first electric replica watch in the world. Launched in January 1957, it was named after Hamilton’s Director of R&D Dr Van Horn and featured a conventional balance wheel and gear train alongside its battery. Unlike the electronic and swiss fake Hamilton quartz watches that followed this had no transistors or integrated circuits, relying instead on tiny electrical wires making and braking contact five times per second. These contact points were the movement’s weakness as they wore out and became unreliable. The radical 1950s designs were strong enough to survive longer than the movements themselves, with a number of them being re-launched with either quartz or automatic calibres.

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