It’s no secret to anyone who knows MB&F M.A.D. Gallery replica watch by now that Max Busser enjoys making futuristic big boy toys that any man would love to own. A very smart and successful move played out by his brand was to branch out from just wrist replica watches to all-things-mechanical and pretty much anything he considers as ‘Cool’. He even opened up a gallery in Geneva to showcase and sell the incredible things his team or his friends created, and if you visit it once you’d definitely want to come back for more.

A Clock

Starting from prints or sculptures and to advanced mechanics like a futuristic looking guitar or a music box that looks like a spaceship, a man who enters the M.A.D. Gallery turns into a child tapping his foot on the floor and pointing at one of the items showcased. We’ve already showed you quite a lot from the gallery, and this time around we’re going to focus on two of the latest editions to Max’s collection of awesome inventions.

Last year at Baselworld MB&F copy watch released a really cool table clock (in a partnership with L’Epee) that in fact looked nothing like a table clock. This year in April they’ve released another table clock that looks even less like a table clock, but just now they’ve outdone themselves again. The third and latest table/wall clock looks like an alien spider, but in no way does it look stupid or strange. Somehow everything about it just works…




The only issue is transporting the thing because of its open movement, there’s no glass covering it and that’s probably why it looks and feels so real but at the same time is quite fragile.



A Music Box

Kind of like the story with the table clock MB&F has also released a third edition of their Music Machine (in a partnership with Reuge). Louder, bigger, and even more refined than the previous two models we had the pleasure of listening to all of its 6 melodies (including tunes from James Bond and Star Wars) and only one thing comes to mind when looking at it – the future is now.





It’s pretty easy to see what MB&F is doing here, much like the Horology Machines and the Legacy Machines they are creating 2 more collections (clocks and music boxes) that an independent best quality replica MB&F watch lover or just any wealthy man who likes expensive toys would love to get.



Having said all that we really hope Max never stops and his team will keep bringing more and more awesome inventions and machines from his imagination to life.