hands-on Best Quality Hautlence Vortex Replica Watch

Hautlence is known to some of us, best quality Hautlence Vortex replica watch nerds for creating replica watches with very odd and futuristic looking dials, we all know the jump hours, the retrograde minutes, the funky colour combinations and a very different perspective on mechanical replica watchmaking… they’re basically the cool kids you want to hang out with but your parents would tell you to avoid. But up until now they only had one grail timepiece (obviously, the awesome HL2). In short, you have the jumping hours displayed in a box aperture on the left, the retrograde minutes in the center and a power reserve indication (of 40 hours) on the right. Now what you see below (and what you probably can’t take your eyes of) is the actual movement.

Last week I was invited to attend a press conference in La Chaux de Fonds to witness the reveal of their completely new masterpiece – the VORTEX.


Technically, just as complex as the HL2 it reminds us why we’re into Swiss made Hautlence Vortex copy watches. Why’s that? Well, because when we see how it works it just makes us tap our feet like little kids and go ‘I WANT IT! AND I WANT IT NOW!’. Over 550 components in the movement, the Vortex really makes you want to play with it forever.




You’ll see a moving balance wheel in the center of the whole construction and it will probably remind you of the HL2. However unlike its predecessor it does not move around its own axes as the time goes by. Instead it stores the energy and makes a rapid turn whenever the hour jumps. I really urge you to head to their website for a video that we, unfortunately, didn’t have time to make in high definition.



Now, if you want to get a bit more info about the replica Hautlence Vortex mens watch we can’t skip the fact that the case is almost fully made of sapphire glass, leaving only the Titanium bridges as its metal case components. And in case you’re wondering about the pricing there will be only 88 pieces made, at a retail price of CHF160’000.