Dr. Edwina Davies reviews the Patek Philippe 10 Day Tourbillon Replica Ref. 5101G, an incredible exemplar of haute horlogerie.Now that has been replaced by the 5101G.  This replacement has a cool air, silver , blue, white gold. It shines. Quite a contrast to its immediate predecessor with its very different palette but still there is that Patek Philippe magic.  Patek Philippe creations always have that clearly defined form and understated features which harmonise and create a perfect whole.

Patek Philippe 10 Day Tourbillon Ref. 5101G


When it was launched the platinum version drew many admiring glances. It was remarkable in its technology and elegantly discrete in its appearance. That was the 5101P.

Next it was offered in rose gold.  Breathtaking! The warmth, lustre and that exquisite tiered art deco case set the pulses racing. That was the 5101R.

All the watches written about on this site are ones either owned by my son or loved by my son and desired by my son. All are given devoted attention, equally, but for my part I have favourites. With apologies to George Orwell for borrowing his words, all may merit equal attention but “some are more equal than others”. This watch replica is definitely more equal than others.

The appearance is the first step in the love affair but then you begin to recognise the inner qualities. The imagination, the innovation , the sheer inventiveness demand admiration.  Patek Philippe have created the only crown-wound wristwatch with a 10 day power reserve which is enduringly accurate. The achievement is noteworthy and merits applause.

The Patek Philippe 10 day Tourbillon Ref.5101G in white gold.


This is a worthy successor to the platinum and rose gold versions and quite remarkable in its own right.

The face

The attractive rectangular face is framed by the triple tiered white gold face. Each complements the other.

Patek Philippe 10 Day Tourbillon Ref. 5101G

This beautiful two tone white gold dial in blue and rhodium grey has raised Breguet style Arabic white gold hour markers. There is no number 6 simply the word Swiss, the country so synonymous with watchmaking of the highest quality.

Patek Philippe 10 Day Tourbillon Ref. 5101G

The two subdials rest, one at twelve o’clock and one at six.  The upper dial indicates the power reserve with the tenth segment in red to indicate that the residual power is low, a single splash of alternative colour in warning hue.

The small seconds bears the legend, “Tourbillon”, the name of that remarkable complication resting within.

The curvaceous white leaf shaped gold hands are elongated and elegant in line and are echoed by those of the two subdials.

The outer edge of the face has the minutes marked in railtrack form with their spacing subtly adjusted to accommodate the shape of the dial and case.

The Case

The rose gold case is as already stated in art deco style reminiscent of the twenties and thirties and is three tiered. The profile is cambered to hug the wrist. Its sapphire crystal glass has the same curvature and this has required the inside of the glass to be ground parallel to avoid any optical distortion in viewing.

The tourbillon display window is on the reverse, the movement visible through the sapphire crystal glass.  This means that it is not subject to unnecessary exposure to ultra-violet radiation and is protected against the decomposition of the lubricant.

With viewing of the movement accessed from the reverse of the case the dial is left free from any distraction; its classic lines not intruded upon; no distraction from its elegant appearance.  It is the principle focus, there to be admired.  Loving glances can be fixed on the movement, but separately, so that each has the owner’s full attention at any one time; admired singly for double the pleasure.

The milled crown rests conventionally at three o’clock with its maker’s device embellishing it.

The movement

The attractive rectangular patek philippe gondolo watch replica is powered by the same TO28-20/222 in house caliber with two mainspring barrels as its precursors, requisite to achieve the 10 day power reserve but requiring greater space to accommodate all, achieved by reconfiguring the movement.   The larger barrel, the upper one, is wound directly and transfers power to the smaller barrel.  The twin barrels and tourbillon cage are, therefore, set on one side of the movement and the train wheels are sited under the dial.  Space is also conserved by having two wheels sharing the same axis.


Meticulous attention to detail characterises the decoration of the movement to be viewed through the sapphire crystal back. Côtes de Genève motif enhance the reverse and the main plate is finished with perlage.

The attention to detail is a eulogy to the skills of haute horology.  The 29 jewels, for example are adjusted to both heat and cold.  All those rubies on view are set in gold chatons. All is perfection.

The tourbillon itself is remarkable. Its cage alone has 72 parts yet weighs only 0.3 grams. It challenges the imagination, such skill, such dexterity, such expertise! All parts of the filigreed cage are actually finished by hand.  The craftsmanship is astounding and mere superlatives cannot suffice to detail its remarkable workmanship.

A simple planetary gear system is responsible for the reserve de marche (up and down) indication.

The movement has a spinning wheel balance, not visible but indicated on the subsidiary seconds.

A Symphony

This symphony in shades of silver, grey and blue is so different.  It is subtle, serene, refined and must appeal to any lover of watches who admires the wonders of the latest in watch replica technology, the perfection of line and form presented, the honouring of tradional hand crafting so typical of the master watchmakers of Patek Philippe of whose work it rests as an exemplar.

Technical Specifications

  • Movement: Mechanical manually wound; Caliber TO28-20 REC 10J PS IRM; 28×20 mm; height 6.30 mm.; 29 jewels; 11 bridges; two mainspring barrels; gold chatons; 10 Day Tourbillon Escapement.
  • Functions: 10 day power reserve indicator; seconds subdial; power reserve indicator.
  • Face: Two tone gold dial; blue sunburst and rhodium grey; gold applied numerals
  • Case: White gold; 29.6 x 51.7 mm.; sapphire-crystal case back
  • Other Features: Water resistant to 30m.
  • Alligator strap with square scales in matt navy blue, hand stitched; prong buckle.

With , Men fake Patek Philippe gondolo 10 Day Tourbillon watch it is the attention to detail which pleases and excites. The strap is alligator, navy blue, matt finish, but not only does the colour compliment the dial, the skin has square scales which echo the shape of face and case, that is of the watch replica in its unity.

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