Ever since we have first discovered Swiss Fake Emmanuel Bouchet’s Complication One we’ve been meaning to get our hands on the replica watches outside of all the expos and boutiques to shoot them in natural light and take them out for a spin in the heart of UK’s capital.

To help us with the location we’ve asked our friends at Ultra Primus, an exclusive luxury property magazine, to find something unique and different. And they did just that; located in the heart of Knightsbridge, a £13’000’000 freehold house on the Ennismore Street offered a large variety of interiors, and a room with a see-through wall to the garage (because there isn’t a single man in the world who wouldn’t want to look at his Porsche while working).










If you aren’t familiar with Emmanuel Bouchet, here’s a little history lesson. Even though the replica watch you’re looking at now is called ‘Complication One’ it was definitely not the first of Bouchet’s creations. In fact the very first ‘big’ replica Emmanuel Bouchet Complication watch was the one he’s created for Harry Winston, and specifically the ‘Opus’ division, called Opus 12. The one with rotating hour markers. The one that was priced at $260’000. Now, that Emmanuel Bouchet is pursuing his ultimate dream and goal of developing his own brand, we can see that there isn’t just one certain idea or design he has in mind, as the Complication One looks nothing like its predecessor and functions in a completely different way.




The ‘wow effect’ of this timepiece is primarily in its dial, the ability of Bouchet to make it so dimensional and at the same time dynamic. The double escape wheel is placed in the centre of the replica watch to show the beating heart, and beats every 15 seconds. That is due to a 2 barrel system (also giving Complication One a 72-hour power reserve), where one barrel works to power up the movement and the other one drives the force to the escapement on the dial.


The way Complication One tells time is also quite different to what we are already used to. While the seconds as well as the day/night indication is located on a large sapphire disk at 12 o’clock, the hours are moved to a sub dial at 8, and the minutes are shown with 2 jumping hands at 4 o’clock. The reason you’ll see a counted from 0 to 9 is because the smaller hand will be a ten-minute indicator while the longer hand will be the minutes. So to simplify everything for you, time on the photo above is 12:47. Soon as the 10-minute hand will reach number 6 it will retrograde back to 0.

And while the Baselworld 2016 novelties from Bouchet were kind of crazy and bright, the pieces we’ve shot in London were nothing but classy.



Now, we really hope that the journey of Emmanuel Bouchet continues to be as successful as it is now and he will keep surprising us with more complications and unique designs. Price for Complication One starts at $98’000 and if you wish to learn more about it you are more than welcome to visit their website.

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